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Poetry: Bio

' L O S T  I N  M I N D '

I keep myself to myself and I won't socialise,

Just stay in my head and heavily criticise,

Everything about me and all of my downfalls,

So when the sun rises, all I see is doubt.

And all of my feelings that I could never be without,

Like dragging a weight behind my everyday,

I'm told if I smoke this it all goes away...

'Don't burden anyone and get on with your day'

These are the things no one should EVER have to say,

But the truth is, if you never confide in anyone you'll always be alone,

So get out of your head and back into your zone,

The place that feels right, it won't let you down,

Keep your head held high and your options open,

Realise what you're blessed with, you were never broken,

People had a worse start in life, don't forget that.

But it's how you use that gift that defines who you are in life,

So are you the one that wastes their opportunities?

Or are you the one that ignores all of their insecurities?

Are you the one that let's it fall into their lap?

Or the one that goes and gets it, and never looks back.

Make your decision before it's too late, and PLEASE don't forget,

YOU are in control of YOUR own fate.

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